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Life Skills Institute provides hope and healing by providing a timely “Hand UP”!

It delivers an adult education curriculum providing life skills, behavioral coaching, mentoring and social assistance to broken men & women.

A dynamic holistic approach is utilized to help transform the old into a new person whose body, mind and spirit interact to create positive purposeful behavior. LSI motivates clients to give back rather than continually take from their communities. Our goal is to make productive citizens from those who have experienced significant challenges in their lives encouraging a complete transformation of behavior.

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Faith Based Counseling

Are your relationships failing? Relationships are not easy. They take work and commitment to each person for them to be successful. Life Skills can help with all relationship issues.

Substance Abuse Groups

Learn about Substance Abuse and what your options are. The road to recovery is tough when dealing with substance abuse. It can be hard to stop using without a strong support system and Life Skills.

Conflict Resolution

Learn how to handle difficult situations Learn the valuable skills necessary to handle any situation life can throw at you. Everyone has anger, but the goal is to learn how to control that anger.

Cognitive Skills Groups

Learn the skills needed to succeed Learn the skills you need to be a positive influence and part of your community. Learn how to function successfully in society and gain valuable life skills.


Success stories:

  • Clinton

    This is Clinton who was incarcerated most of his life. He ran the streets of Van Buren and did the drug thing. He will tell you that he was lost BIG TIME. Clinton is now a man of faith and has been out of prison for over 9 years. He has had his ups and downs but over all he is doing well. He has...

  • Bryan

    At this time I would like to share a story of an individual we met through our outreach Bible study at Perryville Prison. His name is Bryan Green and this is his story as explained to me in his own words. Bryan Green was raised in Plymouth County Mass and he grew up with three younger brothers. Bryan said, he was raised in a dysfunctional...

  • Jimmy

    This is Jimmy he was looking at a prison sentence of life in Texas. I meet Jimmy while teaching faith based LIFE Skills in an inner city church in Phoenix. At that time Jimmy was homeless! Every Friday Jimmy attended the class for about one year and learned a lot of important principles about his character and work ethic. All this time while he was...

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