Our History

The History of Life Skills Institute

Life Skills Institute was founded after refining thirty years of experience working with individuals, groups and institutions addressing the challenges of life.


It became apparent that the application of the principles developed needed to be expanded to bring benefits to more people. Life Skills Institute now delivers hope and healing by providing a timely “Hand UP” through education and life coaching dynamics for adults and youth. This allows them to change their behavior to become more effective individuals and citizens. By using a vibrant holistic approach to address the whole person: body, mind and spirit, LSI has learned to not only motivate people to learn and apply the principles to their own lives, but the importance of becoming an encourager, mentor and one who extends a “Hand UP” to others. This action completes the healing process.


Life Skills Institute was established by Gregory Balluzzo MS BHT in 2010 as a recognized 501(C)3 nonprofit located in Glendale, AZ.