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People are finding out that they are limited in their Life Skill capacities and it doesn't matter if they are from a high or low economic status, or with or without degrees of accomplishments. People are looking for answers from trustworthy counselors/educators that will assist in illuminating their path through the maze of LIFE. When you take a step to reach out and employ a professional institution to assist in evaluating and exploring your challenges is a positive step in the right direction. We are here to offer professional, confidential and trustworthy assistance through LIFE Skills classes, e-mail and telephone assistance. Life is like a puzzle. Lets us help you put the pieces together.


Substance Abuse

Learn about Substance Abuse and what your options are
The road to recovery is tough when dealing with substance abuse. It can be hard to stop using without a strong support system and Life Skills.

Conflict Resolution

Learn how to handle difficult situations
Learn the valuable skills necessary to handle any situation life can throw at you. Everyone has anger, but the goal is to learn how to control that anger in the correct way.

Cognitive Skills

Learn the skills needed to succeed
Learn the skills you need to be a positive influence and part of your community. Learn how to function successfully in society and gain valuable life skills.


Having a hard time being employable?
Getting a job is the first step in becoming independent. At Life Skills we work with you and help you gain the skills and experience necessary to get a job and keep it.


Have you been putting off your education?
Education is not something that can be ignored. Having an education can open so many doors and opportunities that would not otherwise be possible. Get started today.


Are your relationships failing?
Relationships are not easy. They take work and commitment to each person for them to be successful. Life Skills can help with all relationship issues.

Other Life Skills Topics Offered Include:

  • I am Someone unique and Special - finding your identity
  • Life's Challenges - assisting in problem solving
  • Goal setting - long & short term goals
  • Choices and their consequences - every action causes a reaction.
  • Boundaries - they are healthy for setting standards
  • Relationships - making them long term
  • Conflict/Anger Management - Anger everyone has it
  • Finances/Budgeting - managing your finances
  • Getting the Job - tools to assist in getting the job
  • Volunteering- giving back to society
  • Dealing with Authority - it's good for us all
  • Preparing for Parenting - parenting skills do not happen automatically
  • Preparing for Marriage - marriage isn't made to make you happy. It takes WORK
  • Divorce recovery - there is a life after divorce
  • Stigmas - what do I do with them and where did they come from

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Life Skills can help with all relationship and family issues.

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