At this time I would like to share a story of an individual we met through our outreach Bible study at Perryville Prison. His name is Bryan Green and this is his story as explained to me in his own words. Bryan Green was raised in Plymouth County Mass and he grew up with three younger brothers. Bryan said, he was raised in a dysfunctional family. Mom and Dad broke up with each other often. This was very noticeable to Bryan and he knew he had to make a life for himself. Bryan being the oldest and very energetic took on a paper route at the age of 10 and remembers starting to smoke cigarettes at around that time as well. Bryan, being the curious person that he was, along with peer pressure influence began sniffing gasoline at the age of 14. Bryan seemed to be attracted to the smell of gasoline to the point of needing it everyday and before Bryan knew it he found himself addicted. Bryan also belonged to the FFA (Future Farmers of America) and because of the equipment they used found a ready supply of gasoline for his addiction. Bryan continued sniffing gasoline until the 10th grade, and then he just stopped and had no desire to go back. It was a phase in his life that was completed. When Bryan was about 12 years old, his mom and dad divorced. This was the time when Muhammad Ali was famous and Bryan began to enjoy boxing. He would put the gloves on with anyone that would put them on to box him. Bryan, at 16 was employed at the local supermarket in the dairy department. It was at this time, that Bryan began experimenting with drugs. It would be after work with his co workers when he started smoking marijuana, doing acid and drinking alcohol. This is when Bryan decided to live to party. It was party time everyday and alcohol was the drug of choice. Bryan had no dad at home and very little if any control from his mother, Bryan was basically living on his own, under no authority, but his own. This type of lifestyle went on until 1977 when Bryan was exposed to meth and quit drinking alcohol and became a user not only on occasion, but it became a daily thing and his drug of choice. In 1979, Bryan moved to California and was 23 years old and began to sell crystal meth. It started out with him only selling a couple of ounces a week to becoming a larger dealer on the streets. At this time, Bryan also worked at a manufacturing company and held down a job. In 1985, Bryan moved to Phoenix and worked in various steel fabrication shops as a welder around the valley. Also at the same time, he was using and selling crystal meth and by 1994 was selling about 20 lbs a week. In 1994, Bryan began manufacturing crystal meth and making 5 to 6 lbs a week for friends and himself. This became Bryans means for living until 2004. It was out in the desert in 2004, when Bryan was confronted by the law and brought in on charges. Bryan served 3 years for his offense, and during his incarceration in Oklahoma, he went to a Christian service, and gave his life to Christ. Bryan would attend services 4 to 5 times a week. Bryan just desired the word of God and the fellowship of the saints. It was through the prison church, hearing the word of God that changed Bryan. For over 30 years of Bryan’s life, he spent in addictive behavior. It is now through Practical Christian Life Skills and The word of God, that Bryan is experiencing true life, hope and love. Bryan resides with his wife Carla of 27 years, and she has stayed by his side all these days. Bryan has been out of prison for about 5 1/2 years and has completed schooling for his CDL license. Carla is a nurse and works with the critically ill. They both are a blessing to the ministry and these are the type of people the Lord is raising up to be a voice and trainer for Him.