This is Jimmy he was looking at a prison sentence of life in Texas. I meet Jimmy while teaching faith based LIFE Skills in an inner city church in Phoenix. At that time Jimmy was homeless! Every Friday Jimmy attended the class for about one year and learned a lot of important principles about his character and work ethic. All this time while he was studying he had a warrant out for his arrest in Texas. With these changes accruing in Jimmy’s heart he realized that it was time for him to return to Texas and face his charges. He said, to me before leaving “if I have to spend the rest of my live in prison I will do it for my faith and share it with others.” I wrote Jimmy a letter for the court to be presented when he turned himself in along with some others that new him. The story goes Jimmy found favor in the sight of the judge after turning himself in. The judge released Jimmy to our recognizance. It is for 10 years but he is out and living a fruitful life. Jimmy has been with us as a friend for six years now and is willing to give back to others whatever way possible as his faith in God allows. Jimmy is living a much different life from what he was accustom to. Jimmy has just received a promotion at his work. He works for one of the largest commercial heating and air conditioning companies in the US. He is a general foreman and oversees several jobs and workers. Jimmy owns a four bedroom home and has recently married a wonderful special lady. People do change if they want to and can change by the grace of God.